Find out the fatal tobacco facts (Issued by the World Health Organization)

  1. There are more than one billion smokers in the world.
  2. Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals.
  3. 69 of these 7,000 chemicals are known to cause cancer.
  4. Smoking is the leading cause of 90% of lung cancer deaths
  5. Almost half of the world’s children breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke.
  6. More than 80% of the world’s smokers live in low- and middle-income countries.
  7. Tobacco use kills 5.4 million people a year – an average of one person every six seconds – and accounts for one in 10 adult deaths worldwide.
  8. Tobacco kills up to half of all users.
  9. 100 million deaths were caused by tobacco in the 20th century.
  10. If current trends continue, there will be up to one billion deaths in the 21st century. If we do not act now, tobacco-related deaths will increase to more than eight million a year by 2030, and 80% of those deaths will occur in the developing world.
(source: WHO Tobacco Facts)


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